Kissed Alive

Pictures from the exhibition “Kissed Alive” and the Collection Villa Rücker on Wikimedia Commons

Villa Rücker/Merck, Tapete Jagdzimmer, Hamburg Museum

From April to December 2010, Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte presented the big public restoration show “Kissed Alive- The Rediscovery of a Hanseatic Country Residence (1830-1909)”. The interior of a classicist mansion from Hamburg-Hamm from the period around 1830 was exhibited on an area of several hundred square metres. The project which extended for several months gave visitors extensive insight behind the scenes of the museum world and into the different areas of work of conservators. Alongside the importance of the interior decorations to art and culture history, the history of Hamburg and its district of Hamm during the 19th century were also presented. That included the lifestyles and biographies of the people associated with the residence and an account of the museum‘s conservation efforts to preserve its valuable historical holdings.

More than 300 picture files from the exhibition, including the interior of the mansion, historical photos, graphic works and photos of the conservation activities are accessible on Wikimedia Commons and available for use under a Creative Commons License.

‘Kissed Alive’ on Wikimedia

Pictures of the project on Wikimedia Commons