A Digital Door to Hidden Treasures

A selection of unknown collections on Wikimedia Commons

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Museums are stores of knowledge. For more than 100 years, the most diverse objects and information about the history of Hamburg have been assembled, researched and preserved in the Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte. The museum archive and library store reports, essays and scientific articles, while the museum’s vaults accommodate some 500,000 collection items as a treasure house of our historical heritage.

Access to this store of knowledge tended to be confined to researchers in the past, while museum visitors could only gain insight into the museum holdings through exhibitions and the museum’s publications. Since 2008, the collection items are being recorded digitally, and some 140,000 have already been analysed and digitalised.

A small selection of the museum’s often entirely unknown and nonetheless outstanding collections is now accessible on Wikimedia Commons. They include items from the collection fields: Medicine and Pharmacy, Death Masks, Measures and Weights, Toys, Stamps and the Lovelock Collection acquired by the museum in 2012.

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