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How does it feel if you are caught up in a catastrophe in the middle of a cold night in February? Many Hamburg people still have vivid memories of the tidal storm floods of 1962, of fighting for the houses in Hafenstraße, of a normal school day in the 1950s, or of the student demonstrations, great cultural and sporting events, but also of their own very private things. We can not only learn about history from learned articles by historians, but also by means of oral tradition, so personal memories are a truly valuable asset. In the Museum for Hamburg Oral History, contemporary witnesses to events both large and small can find a cosy place to tell their stories and to listen to others. The neoclassical Millerntor Guardhouse, which was once part of the city walls, invites people to do just that. With support from the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. foundation, the Historic Museums Hamburg have set up an original concept and turned this charming architectural monument from the year 1820 into a unique gateway to history.

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