Synagogue room

Synagogenraum, Highlight A special room in the “Jews in Hamburg” section of the museum shows furnishings and fittings from various synagogues as well as the community life of Jewish people in Hamburg from the 18th century to the present day, with original artefacts, pictures and recordings. At the centre there is a reconstruction of the Torah shrine, lecterns and benches from the synagogue in Heinrich-Barth-Straße, the first synagogue in the Grindel Quarter from the 1880s. It was not destroyed in 1938 and the furnishings and fittings were saved by transporting them to Stockholm, where they are still used in the Jeschurun Synagogue today.
The museum also displays portraits of Hamburg Rabbis, interior views of some of the synagogues, religious articles from different eras such as Torah pointers (Jad), turrets (Rimmonim) and shields (Tass), as well as Seder plates, prayer straps (Tefillin) and shawls (Tallit) and a food bowl for the Sabbath.