Model of the Temple of Solomon

Tempelmodell Highlight One of the most prestigious museum exhibits is the model of the Temple of Solomon made largely of wood, a model of the first temple erected under King Solomon (ca. 965 – 926 BC) which was the most important sanctuary of the Jews in Jerusalem and already destroyed during antiquity.

The model was created in Hamburg in the late 17th century based on a then existing work from the period around 1600. The structure and decoration followed the architectural conventions of the time, so that the Hamburg temple model represents an ideal conception of this holy space from a specific era and culture. With its base dimensions of just under 3.50 × 3.50 metres, it is the world’s largest historical model of a single building ensemble.

Due to conservational treatment this exhibit is currently not on display. The department “Fashion, Music, Art and Theatre“ solely illustrates the Inner Temple. We apologize for any inconvenience.