The Museum für Hamburgische Geschichte

Taktegeber Hafen, Hafenmodell, Angela Franke

The imposing brick edifice was designed by architect Fritz Schumacher and opened in 1922. Today the building boasts the largest city history exhibition in Germany. Numerous exhibits and installations as well as architectural relics from the Middle Ages and Modern Era offer a historical journey from the birth of Hamburg around 800 up until the present. Here you will find everything worth knowing about Hammaburg, 14th and 15th century pirates, and Hamburg’s evolution into one of the largest and most important harbour cities in Northern Europe.

In the 20th Century Hamburg exhibition, we also inform you about the most recent past. You will encounter artifacts from historical events in your lifetime. The presentation on Jewish life in Hamburg from the end of the 16th- to the 20th century is also particularly worth seeing.

photo by Angela Franke