A visual tour of old Hamburg

City views from around 1900

7 June to 21 January 2018

The collection at the Hamburg Museum is home to lots of exciting treasures and the museum will be featuring some particularly interesting items in their new special exhibition. The focus of the exhibition “A visual tour of old Hamburg” is mainly on drawings, watercolours, pastels and artist prints which give us an insight into what Hamburg looked like in the time between 1850 and 1913.

The appearance of the city underwent some dramatic changes at that time. From a city with narrow alleyways and crooked timber-framed houses surrounded by city walls, a new Hamburg developed and grew beyond the old borders of the city, with wide streets, impressive shops and a modern infrastructure. Many artists of the time were fascinated by the city on the Elbe river and captured it in often romantic, and occasionally humorous depictions.

These artistic and historically interesting views of the city have been grouped together in nine walks for visitors to get a detailed impression of Hamburg’s old quarter around 1900. These historical views are contrasted with what we see today. In the 19th century, the pencil was often the artist’s tool of choice, today it is the photographers and instagrammers who show us their view of Hamburg. The idea of wanting to preserve everything in images, which was already around by 1900, is still relevant for us today. So, in addition to historic views of Hamburg, the exhibition will also be showcasing a spectrum of new urban photography. Some well-known actors from Hamburg’s urban photography scene on Instagram are exhibited and all visitors are invited to participate.

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Get featured at Hamburg Museum!

How do you see the city? Which places in Hamburg are really special? Which bits of Hamburg should we make sure never disappear? Use #hamburgscapes on Instagram for your photos of the city and show us what Hamburg means to you. Or send us your picture by email to aktion@hamburgmuseum.de. A selection of the best photos will be showcased in the exhibition.